1. Exchanges are not accepted unless it is a fault item (opened, damaged, expired, or wrong item).  We are not responsible for exchanges due to some uncontrollable damage during the shipping process, for instance,

(a) Products in cans or soft packaging might be out of the shape during the shipping process. (Please be aware of these situation, even though it won’t affect the original taste of the products, and we will try our best to wrap the product so it will not be damaged physically).

(b) Products that are perished due to over heating during the shipping process. (Please review of your local weather, even though Champion Gourmet will try our best to freeze the perishable food before shipping.)

(c) Products and packages are opened, damaged, or stolen during the shipping.

2. No return accepted for food and snacks.

3. Exchanges or returns are not accepted due to allergy reaction.

For exchange, please email customer service [email protected] with the original order recipe and a clear image of the fault items (Please include as many details as possible about the order and the problem with the goods).

Thank you.