About Champion Gourmet in Chinese

family, friends, sweet memory and special moments in life

in 1989, Champion Gourmet Products is the first company in southern California that manufactures and retails authentic Asian and Taiwanese flavored snacks to serve the Asian American community. Our company's name "Champion", suggests that we are second to none in the industry.

Champion Gourmet strives to make the finest Chinese/Taiwa
nese style leisure snacks, such as various flavors of pork and beef jerky, shredded pork and beef, fried shredded meat, honey beef tendon, dried seafood snacks, dried prunes, bean curd, plus, a variety of different flavored tea. Insisting on freshness and tastes, Champion Gourmet products evoke and create deep emotions and sweet memories connecting us to family, friends, and special moments in time. Champion Gourmet product is the ultimate luxury.

Bringing up the traditions to the state-of-art food safety standards

Traditional Taiwanese and Chinese comfort food, despite being deeply loved, does have its drawback. Recipes tend to be heavy on carbs, calories, and some ingredients and preparation processes are not complied to the contemporary food regulations and health codes - which probably why on some level it feels so good to indulge.

The founder, Mr. Arch Chang, has been devoted to bring up the traditional Taiwanese and Chinese food/snacks to the contemporary food safety and health standards while keeping the authentic tastes and flavors. Currently, Champion Gourmet has one USDA plant in San Gabriel, California, and numerous franchises nationwide.